College Funding – The Realistic View

college student lays on grass readingThe current cost to attend a California University, (including tuition, room and board, and daily living expenses) is over $35,000 for in-state residents. That’s more than 4 times the cost only 10 years ago!

This year tuition is predicted to increase 4.8% furthering a long term pattern of college tuition outpacing inflation rates. Additionally, many college freshmen take longer than the traditional 4 years to achieve their undergraduate degrees, even while a growing number live at home.  In fact, roughly 40 percent of those who start a four-year degree program still have not earned one after year six.

As parents, we all want to provide our children the best possible college experience without compromising their educational quality or our own meaningful journey one day into retirement.

Personally, I have three children, each four years apart, yielding a minimum 12 years of college funding– Yikes! So, when my clients talk to me about their college funding concerns and the impact it will have on their retirement savings, I can completely and personally relate. Planning my own family’s future made it crystal clear to me that funding our children’s college education is no simple matter. This topic of college funding is often at the top of the list with friends, clients and of course, my own family.

We live in an extraordinarily beautiful part of the world where we can enjoy an ideal climate, strikingly beautiful scenery, urban culture in all its glory, and almost any summer or winter sport for our family adventures within a few hours travel. We work hard to afford a lifestyle in the Bay Area! We don’t want to sacrifice these adventures that give meaning to our lives and yet we want a quality education for our children while also fulfilling our dreams of retirement.  Can we achieve it all?


Choose less expensive schools? Borrow the funds and increase our debt (and maybe create debt for our children)? Forget about college all together? Spend all night online or weeks trying to sort out the difference between “fact and fiction?”

There has to be a better way!

Like most complex topics in life, the smartest answer is often working with a team of trusted advisors to help turn dreams into prioritized goals and then goals into reality. An experienced team can clarify options that make sense for your timeline and unique family goals.

Now that doesn’t sound so bad does it? If I can find a way to navigate through college funding, you can to. I bet you’ll even relax and enjoy the process once someone helps maps out the journey for you. What could feel better than watching your children walk across that esteemed stage to receive their degree, while knowing that your life is also secure and full of continued promise?



As a New Year’s gift to you, here is our Top Ten College Funding Tips report.


Ready for a personalized plan? Contact me  to set a time: Tracy Tamura, Life Insurance and Planning Specialist


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